Muktinath Pilgrimage Heli Tour

3 Days

Muktinath Pilgrimage Heli Tour

The muktinath pilgrimage Heli tour is one of the best options for travelers who have a short holiday. In the Muktinath pilgrimage Heli Tour, we can Muktinath which is a holy site of Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimages.

Every Year, Pilgrims from different places including India come in the thousands to visit and pay homage to Lord Vishnu. The serenity and stillness of the place soothe your mind and beckons you into a spiritual journey.

Mission Mountain Travel offers the most exciting and adventurous heli tours to Muktinath. In Muktinath Pilgrimage Heli Tour, you can  Experience the unique snow-capped mountains, vibrant colors, and mesmerizing snow trimming on the alpine peaks.

There is no doubt that Muktinath is one of the most breathtaking vistas of nature in the world, and we are here to provide you with a safe hike here. In order to get the best experience in this holy place, the Muktinath Heli tour package is the best option.

In the Mustang district, 3,710 meters (12,172 feet) above sea level, Muktinath is one of the most revered sacred places for both Hindus and Buddhists.

About Muktinath Pilgrimage Heli Tour

A sacred Hindu site in Nepal, Mukti Kshetra means “place of salvation” and is one of the oldest temples dedicated to Vishnu and the Vaishnava tradition. It is considered one of the eight sacred places called Svayam Vyakta Kshetras (the other seven are Srirangam, Srimushnam, Tirupati, Naimisharanya, Totadri, Pushkar, and Badrinath), as well as one of the 108 Divya Desams, or holy places of worship for Lord Vishnu. As well as that, it is a site dedicated to the goddess Shakti Pitha.

In this temple, Vishnu is represented as Shri Mukti Narayana, a human-sized golden statue. Besides Mukti Narayana, the temple has bronze images of Bhoodevi (the Earth-goddess form of Lakshmi), Saraswati and Janaki (Sita), Garuda (the mount of Vishnu), Lava-Kusa (the sons of Rama and Sita), and Sapta Rishis (Seven Sages created by Brahma).  Buddhist nuns and an old Buddhist monk practice Buddhism in the temple.

Behind the temple is a semicircular wall with 108 stone faucets. There are approximately one foot between each faucet, all of which are shaped like bullheads. The ice-cold Kali Gandaki River is diverted to flow through the mouths of these bulls, and pilgrims often stand beneath each spout.
Eastern philosophy attaches great significance to the number 108. 108 combinations are possible in Hindu astrology since there are 12 zodiac signs or Rashi and 9 planets or Grahas. A total of 108 padas are created by combining 27 lunar mansions, also known as Nakshatras, into four quarters.
There is only one source of the rare Shaligram stones for establishing a temple of Vishnu anywhere in the world: the Kali GandakiGantaki riverbed downstream from Muktinath.

Buddhists refer to Muktinath as Chumming Gyatsa, which means ‘Hundred Waters’ in Tibetan. According to Tibetan Buddhism, Chumig Gyatsa is a sacred place of the Dakinis goddesses known as Sky Dancers, and also one of the 24 celebrated Tantric places. Additionally, the site is believed to be a manifestation of Avalokitesvara, the Bodhisattva of Compassion and Virtue. The Tibetan Buddhist tradition states that Guru Rimpoche, also known as Padmasambhava, the founder of Tibetan Buddhism, meditated here on his way to Tibet.

When prayers and worship are complete at the Muktinath temple many pilgrims, both Hindu and Buddhist, visit Mebar Lha Gomba, the small monastery of `miraculous fire’, which is located situated near the entrance gate of the temple. This monastery, dedicated to Guru Rimpoche (Padmasambhava) and containing a statue of the Buddhist deity Chenrezig (Avalokitesvara), is famous for its continuously burning natural gas fire, which Hindus worship as Jwala Mai, the Goddess of Fire.



Day 1: Arrival Kathmandu and transfer to the Hotel.
Day 2: Early morning after having breakfast fly to Muktinath via Pokhara and return back to KTM .
Day 3: Departure from Kathmandu to onwards flight.

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Muktinath Pilgrimage Heli Tour