Gonjala Pass Trekking

 Gonjala Pass Trekking

Gonjala pass Trekking in Nepal is a trek in Nepal which is the most challenging pass in Nepal compared to other passes. The Himalayan pass is situated at 5160m. Our Langtang trek takes you over this pass as you travel south from Langtang village which is at 3500m and where the national park headquarters is located. The route from Gyang to Helambu requires crossing the 5106m ganjala. Gonjala pass is blocked by snow, so local inquiries about its condition. Good equipment and mountaineering experience are necessary for safe crossing.

Trekking to Gonjala pass

The trail to Gonjala Pass Trekking in Nepal runs through Helambu, which has a Tibetan feel. In Gonjala Pass Trekking in Nepal ,You will see fields enclosed by stone walls as well as herds of Yaks, the most significant animal for the people here. From Tarke Gyang we descend to Melamchi Khola before climbing to Pati Bhyanjyang. We trek down to Sundarijal, from where we drive to Kathmandu.

Langtang Gonjala Pass trekking

In The Langtang Gonjala Pass Trekking in Nepal, We can study About langtang valley,its culture. The Langtang valley is in the Rasuwa district of the Bagmati Province in Nepal. It is situated 80 kilometres north of Kathmandu. This valley lies within the Langtang national park. The national park borders Tibet. Prior to the 2015 earthquake, 668 individuals lived in the Langtang valley.

The langtang Gonjala pass trekking, we can find Langtang National Park. The park contains a wide variety of climatic zones, from subtropical to alpine. Approximately 25% of the park is forested. Trees include deciduous oak and maple, evergreens like pine, and various rhododendron types. Animal life includes the Himalayan black bear, Himalayan tahr, Assam macaque, snow leopard, yak, red panda and more than 250 bird species.

Langtang valley locals refer to each other as ‘Langtangpa’. They generally follow Tibetan Buddhism, and speak a Tibetan language closely related to Kyirong, southern Tibet. The Langtangpas regard Langtang Lirung as their ‘yu-lha’, their local country god. However, in the state census, Langtangpas are categorised as Tamang. Langtang valley is believed to be Beyul Dagam Namgo, one of the many hidden valleys blessed by Guru Padmasambhava.


Trip Facts
Name: Langtang Ganjala Pass Trek
Grade: Medium to hard
Elevation: 5106m.
Trek Start: Dhunche
Trek End: Melamchi
Actual Day Of treks: 14 Day
Scheduled duration: 18 Day
Best Seasons: Sept-Dec, Feb-June
Type: Tea House (camping on request)
Walking hour: 4-5 hours a day

Day 1 :
Day 01:

Day 01: Arrive Kathmandu Airport, Our office representative awaiting you in front of arrival lounge showing yours name Card, transfer to Hotel, we offer complimentary dinner at Hotel 7-8 pm, meet other participants to discuss about trip, Hotel B&B.

Day 2 :
Day 02:

Day 02: After BF, Explore Culture tour in Kathmandu, that is includes Boudhanath Stupa perhaps biggest in world's, Monastery, Pashupatinath Temple, Hindu's holiest temple and Patan Durbar Square and Swoyambu nath Stupa situated on hillock of Kathmandu from entire Kathmandu Visible and amazing Stupa with its beautiful arts. Hotel B&B.

Day 3 :
Day 03:

Day 03: Drive, Kathmandu to Dhunche, Camp. Drive offers beautiful views of Himalayas, small isolated villages, River gorges, water falls, dense forest, rice terraced field and where peoples are working, plough. Camp.

Day 4 :
Day 04:

Day 04: Trek, Dhunche to Syabru Gaun( 2100m/6hrs)-Camp. Today we trek through peaceful trail, offers good views of Himalaya, Small Tamang Villages, Once it was busy when road connected to Syabru Bensi, trekkers did not use this trail any more. Starting from Dhunche would help for acclimatization instead getting quickly to Langtang.

Day 5 :
Day 05:

Day 05: Trek Syabrugaun to Lama Hotel(2380m/5-6hrs)-Camp. Trail descend along the ridge then drop to the river valley through terraced field and forest, then trail ascend gradually through river valley, offering views of waterfall, dense forest to Lama Hotel.

Day 6 :
Day 06:

Day 06: Trek to Langtang Village (3500m/6-7hrs)-Camp. Trail ascend through the boiling narrow River Valley, Today we can see some Langur (monkey), Deer and various species of bird. From Gore table valley widen, mountain are visible, Yaks grazing.

Day 7 :
Day 07:

Day 07: Trek, Langtang to Kanjin Gompa (3800m/3hrs)-Camp. Easy couple of hrs trek, enjoying good views of Mountain. We reach Kanjin for Lunch,after lunch we will climb Kanjin Ri 4300m.

Day 10 :
Day 10:

Day 10: Trek, Kanjin Gompa to Ngegang (4000m/3hrs)-Camp. After crossing the wide river valley, trail steeply ascend to Ngegang known as Ganja La Base Camp. We camp on the meadow. To get general ideas about pass, see the picture.

Day 11 :
day 11:

Day 11: Trek over Ganja La Pass 5106m, to Keldang (4270m/8-9hrs)-Camp. Gyanjala pass is flanked by pinnacles mountaineers call gendarmes and toped by prayer flags and large cairn of Rock.

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Gonjala Pass Trekking